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Raven’s Journey ~ Chapter 12: Humanity’s Essence



Otter soon came loping into view from behind a drift log jammed tightly into the beach gravel a short distance from the river. She had been watching Raven while he studied the bony remains of the flat fish. She noted how he seemed puzzled: cocking his head this way and then that, picking the tail of the carcass up, trying to drag it but not being able to as if trying to figure how it had gotten to where it lay.

The agile otter hoisted herself up on to the sunning rock with Raven and listened intently as he directed his anxious thoughts her way. He asked: What did  Hummingbird mean by the re-evolution of humanity? How will it be done? And how long will it take?

He also shared with Otter the feelings that arose while he was ferrying the water drop and of Hummingbird’s encouragement to deliver it directly into the ocean waters so that his sister could practice her magic once again. He questioned Otter: Will I truly ever see my sister again?

Otter began answering  Raven in a roundabout way:  Pretend that you can direct its re-evolution. How would you go about doing it?

He liked the thought of directing the developing human element and began in earnest to discuss his opinions and give her his suggestions. But within a short while, he abruptly paused his chatter, realizing he had already given it the cues to re-evolve when he addressed the energies in the watery orb. Now he just needed to be more patient to its dynamic unfolding…but Raven still questioned: How and when and where or even will the Essence evolve into human flesh and bone? Otter lay silent, watching him and  listening.

Raven took more time to reflect before making further response. Otter showed no impatience, an act which relaxed him and encouraged him to sink into a deep, more peaceful state. He knew Otter was aware of his thoughts and calmly visioned the sentient energies and their movement around the Earth aided by the great forces and tidal actions: of the liquid waters evaporating, rising upwards with its message-imbued essences, ferried into the clouds, scattered by the winds and storms, falling as snow, rain, sleet and hail, puddling, flowing into rivers, streams and back to the seas and oceans.

What are the most critical things humans need to survive? Otter softly queried.

Food, air, water, shelter, safety . . . warmth. But why ask me? Otter continued to look at him. As the magical raven sought examples of each need, he remembered some of the absurd and excessive luxuries humans felt they once required and deserved but Otter was quick to call him back from his reverie.

Raven mused: Food to satisfy hunger, air to breathe, water to drink, shelter to stay safe, dry and warm . . . well, all of that is obvious. He pondered: Air, couldn’t go long without it.  Air was the most vital. Water and food . . . had to have both . . . really had to have all of them. Unable to see a connection to what she had asked, he became agitated, sharply clicking his beak together.

Otter, sensing his frustration, elaborated on the process that was actually happening: Due to its unique properties, water focused the emotions of your chant and devotion to your sister into the droplet which assured all within will be deeply affected and will carry that memory forward which will have a profound effect on the life of the planet. Your sister’s essence provided even more of a heartfelt energy surge into the drop because of her connection to your emotional outburst of love and caring. Thus so charged, the vibrating essences will influence the waters of the oceans, the rainfalls, mists, ice…all forms of water on Second Earth and all life forms that use or live in water or are touched by the forces of water. Since humans drink water, cook with it, bathe in it, heat with it, run machinery with it, water their gardens and fields with it, play in it, expel it from their lungs, eat foods largely composed of water . . . even their bodies are filled with fluids composed of water, all are being imprinted as the essences circulate. There is no escaping the message because it is so sincere, loving and simple.

It won’t take as long for the survivors to feel the effects of a new beginning. It will come naturally and feel quite liberating; although there will be a period of adjustment as old prejudices, worries and conflicts are shed and your message begins to affect their development and behavior. What is past, is past. We all make mistakes; that’s part of the living process. It’s to learn from the experiences and look for and integrate new ways of responsible expression.

With Raven, each answered question seemed to bring up another question. This time he asked Otter: How did you know what I would choose to say to the energies within the drop: to live a life in gratitude in the moment and respect everyone’s co-creative potential, both living and non-living?

There was nothing else that you could have said and comfortably and honestly followed yourself, is there? Otter responded.

Raven agreed. Due to his past indiscretions, simplicity of application and sincerity of purpose were extremely important.

Raven had one more question to ask Otter that he’d been holding back but he was now too curious to keep silent. How did you collect Humanity’s Essence?

Otter slid off the rock and stood on all fours facing him. Many cosmic levels of energy came together to form the right environment. Each individual drop of energy within the larger drop represents a tribal soul with an evolved consciousness that will remain in service to others as a vibratory essence. Their dispersal about the planet will insure a web of consciousness, a parallel universe of compassionate, aware energy. Of course, humans will still maintain free will and the choice to do what they feel is right according to their needs. We shall just have to wait and see how they utilize the grace they’ve been granted!

Otter turned and quickly loped off down the trail paralleling the river bank. She looked back once, stood on her hind feet and chuckled, then slipped into the river and swam away. Raven spread wide his wings and flew east towards the flotsam pile, now intent on filling his belly.

Raven actually had many more questions to ask Otter including: If my sister comes back in another form, will I recognize her? But Otter had disappeared, having gone on journey, leaving Raven with time to reflect on the events of the past few days. Although irritated at times by her absence, he practiced being content with the knowledge that all events happened at the proper time and to be patient but alert to their unfolding.

(To be continued in Chapter 13: Salmon)