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Lunar Bound

When a person enters into the elder years and has moved through many landscapes, it’s hard not to reminisce about the passing of the seasons and the experiences encountered. That is the motivation behind my writing Lunar Bound. I plan to take the reader on a circular journey through the months and the thirteen moons of the year, spiraling off into tales about the world of nature, people, places and events. I fully expect that as I pen this virtual archive, other events will be spontaneously drawn from my very marrow and we’ll both end up on mysterious  journeys of discovery.

Pat taking photo of Hellebore plants on Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, WAI view life as a series of journeys into the inner worlds of consciousness and wisdom as well as the outer worlds of time and place – connecting, circling and spiraling, performing a cosmic dance. Under the Categories section listed on the side panel, you’ll see  Lunar Bound I invite you to journey with me and share the many realms and rhythms of the cosmos.