Alpine Lady

Honoring the natural world through prose, poetry, music, sounds, photographs and musings.

Weaving Connections

Alpine Lady began many decades ago as ideas scribbled on bits and slips of paper or whatever could hold a few words that would eventually jar my memory to an event or an idea passing through my mind at the time. Some words and webbings were momentary impressions, others were more like journal accounts or diary entries. For some reason I kept them all secured in notebooks, file folders, boxes and art books that preserved those moments representing the evolution of my life’s journey. This journey encompasses a very eclectic life spent in the more natural environments of North Idaho, Alaska, New Mexico, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington State. From childhood poems, to what it’s like to live in a sod house on the tundra of Alaska, to operating alternative schools with curriculums based on the natural world, to learning how to process herbal medicines, to running youth library programs or presentations at Fairy Congress, the reader will find a treasure house of experience and I will be well-rewarded with witnessing a life of service.

Orb Weaving

Orb Weaving

Like any art form where the beginning strokes of learning to play an instrument or paint a scene  are clumsy and unmetered, more discord than harmony, my writing snippets didn’t strike a form until well after I took everything out of hiding and began seeing the connections. Piecing together all the entries, quotes, one-liners, philosophical meanderings, etc., I began to see threads of commonality weaving throughout the pages and if I began connecting and embellishing them, they would form a tapestry of recipes, prose, poetry, photographs, homeschooling ideas, faery lore, observations of the natural world, etc., that could be entertaining as well as a resource for the curious.

Within Weaving Connections you’ll find a section specifically for the aging woman entitled Changing Moon, which is a co-creative journey in becoming  a Crone and Wise Woman and into the forever Sacred Feminine; another section entitled Herbs, Moons & More containing information on organic gardening, herbs and their crafting, environmental awareness, ideas for the homeschooler, recipes plus  research into all things mysterious, wise and wonderful; as well as Story Weaver which contains original prose, poetry, ponderings and photographs. I’ll be adding sections from two commercial ventures which I’m also working on. One is a long prose poem entitled A Wondrous Journey which takes you into the co-creative world of magic and communication with the natural world. The other is A Rare Purple Bear to be recorded soon. It is a transformational story of a young bear cub who loses his life and is reborn into the Land of Enchantment to find out how death and living influence each other. You’ll find the posts for Weaving Connections and the sections I’ve mentioned  in the Categories section located on the side panel.