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Raven’s Journey Home: A Kindle ebook

Book Cover for Raven's Journey Home

Book Cover for Raven’s Journey Home

Writing this novella for young adults is a significant achievement for me as it took navigating realms of technology that have changed substantially since the book’s conception over forty years ago. My works always start with pencil on paper and then progress to typewritten. Well now, I can chuckle looking back through the drafts of my early work typed out on paper with a portable typewriter, never dreaming that one day, I’d have a state of the art computer upon which I can write, edit and publish with ease and release it into the ethers to be captured and read by others around the world. I still start out with pencil on paper, however.

Raven’s Journey Home has been substantially changed since I wrote excerpts for Alpine Lady, enough so I feel the reader might like to purchase a copy of the new one launched as an ebook and now available through Amazon Kindle Books.

Book Description

Who hasn’t heard of Raven, a corvid with legendary status? Tales abound of Raven’s trickster spirit helping shape the destiny of mankind. However, in Raven’s Journey Home, having been seduced by his own ego and the materialist greed of humanity, he has fallen from grace and blames himself for the partial demise of First Earth and the ensuing Time of Great Sorrow. To regain the trust of the spirit forces who are reclaiming the land, Raven must confront his own shadow and release its grip on his psyche before he can, once again, act as archetype and creator for the Mystery.

Like stepping onto the Holodeck of the Federation Starfleet vessel USS Enterprise, in Raven’s Journey Home, the reader begins a voyage of environmental fantasy to sensually  experience and practice the transformation of life’s boundaries. A thought-provoking novella for young adults, written to enliven the reader’s curiosity about the magic of living systems found in the natural realms of a northern rainforest, it’s an expressive journey rich in imagery, filled with transformational magic, and flowing with the rhythms of nature. Patricia DeMarco has created Raven’s Journey Home complete with engaging possibilities that challenge the reader to become personally involved in the co-creative re-evolution of a more compassionate humankind.

FOR a very long time, thick mists and unrelenting rains veiled both the forest and seashore. Even the distinctive hissing sound of Raven’s rhythmical wing beat and his guttural croaks were subdued by the sounds of drenching rains assaulting the environment.” And so the scene is set for Raven and the reader to explore the mysteries, navigating between the Forever Worlds of past, present and future with a hummingbird, a river otter, the Peoples of Gaia, Grandfather Whale, and the Elders of the Thirteen Moons as guides.

Please follow the link to Amazon which I’m providing and open to view some of the inside pages. You’ll get a hint of what’s to come.

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