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A Wondrous Journey

Dungeness River coming down from the Olympic Mountain Range, WA

Dungeness River coming down from glaciers and snowfields of the Olympic Mountain Range and the Olympic National Park, Olympic Peninsula, WA

From a forth-coming, commercial recording of the prose poem ~  A Wondrous Journey:

…”She looked to the north and I trailed her eye, where tall, glacier-tipped peaks rose to the sky. She stared t’ward the mountains and seemed transfixed, then her wise words flowed fluently betwixt: “Witness the Dragon—our mountain landscapes—created in so many different shapes. All are bearing unique signs of their birth upon this planet that we call Earth: Fiery volcanoes and sea beds uplifted, buckled ridges where continents drifted into one another through geologic time, setting the scene for our own paradigm. 

“Behold the Glaciers: bodies of ice, fields of snow, carving away the mountains, feeding the river’s flow; ferrying along rock dust, smooth like silk, caressing the mountains with their Dragon’s Milk. All rivers and streams course down toward the sea, filling in the groundwaters used by you and me. All uniting in the ocean of Dragon’s Blood, flowing within the currents of an ancient flood; forming, whirling, swirling vortexes of energy: the storms that balance stagnancy, creating harmony. 

“The Mountain Dragons—uniting water, fire, earth, and air—are greatly influenced by how we ultimately share our thoughts and feelings with one another, our actions toward the earthly mother, from whom all forms of life do spring, offering up bountiful blessings, bathed in the glow of the majestic sun, providing food and breath for everyone.”

She looked my way, her eyes still deeply set; there was much more to say than she had said yet. “When you look upon clouds, or look upon snow, be mindful of your heart and where your thoughts flow. For clouds absorb the energy you hold in your mind; fill your thoughts with gratitude and keep them kind. Let the flowing waters fill the seas and the sky with currents of compassion. Give peace a try.”…