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Solutions for Holiday Malaise

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Feeling lonely, blue, like no one listens, disenfranchised, angry, or without goals this holiday season? Pick up your favorite eBook reader and download my eBooks from Amazon Kindle Store; then join me at your favorite latte shop or sit back in your favorite chair for an excursion into the realm of creative imagination. Help me to envision a more co-creative world by sharing this with your friends. Hope to see you soon!

Cover for eBook: A Rare Purple Bear

Cover for A Rare Purple Bear. Photo taken up at  Hurricane Ridge meadow.

“Because of accidental misfortune, the cub is swept to his death and over a waterfall on his first adventure out of the family’s winter den. Clancy lands in the colorful Land of Enchantment, a parallel world of celebratory holidays and magic, just in time for Easter. Throughout the story, familiar holiday personalities befriend him and thoughtfully encourage his curiosity and offer support as he weaves through his personal grieving process. The young bear joins in the camaraderie, festivities, and the hope-filled magic of seasonal celebrations from Easter until Christmas Eve guided by the Easter Bunny (EB) and Ellie, a young deer. A Rare Purple Bear resolves in a joyful ending that will endear everyone.”




Book Cover for Raven's Journey Home

Cover of Raven’s Journey Home. Photo taken long the Dungeness River. 

“Who hasn’t heard of Raven, a corvid with legendary status? Tales abound of Raven’s trickster spirit helping shape the destiny of mankind. However, in Raven’s Journey Home, having been seduced by his own ego and the materialist greed of humanity, he has fallen from grace and blames himself for the partial demise of First Earth and the ensuing Time of Great Sorrow. To regain the trust of the spirit forces who are reclaiming the land, Raven must confront his own shadow and release its grip on his psyche before he can, once again, act as archetype and creator for the Mystery. Like stepping onto the Holodeck of the Federation Starfleet vessel USS Enterprise, in Raven’s Journey Home, the reader begins a voyage of environmental fantasy to sensually experience and practice the transformation of life’s boundaries.”

Until we journey together next time, many blessings for a safe and peaceful holiday season.  ~P

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