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A Rare Purple Bear

ARPBcopy_2A Rare Purple Bear, my just-published second ebook through Kindle Direct Publishing, did not start out as a tale for children going through the grieving process; although it was started around the time of my mother’s death in the early 90’s, so perhaps the seed had been planted in some manner. Rather it was a story written for a young friend about a stuffed white teddy bear who had been hand-crafted around Christmastime to be sold as a gift. Clancy came alive as the last stitch was sewn in place. His insatiable curiosity started getting him into mischief almost immediately. It didn’t take him long before he got all sticky from a candy cane hanging on a Christmas tree which once smelled, he  couldn’t resist eating. Of course, Clancy was spotted by Santa Claus during his visit and …

A Rare Purple Bear’s evolution into a story of grieving came about just a few years ago. Instead of starting at Christmastime, it began in the spring of the year and involved a bear cub venturing away from his family’s winter den. Ironically, the draft was finished just hours before the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, which left twenty children dead. The synchronicity of the moment did not go unnoticed but it took longer than I anticipated to put my revised version in its final form; however, it has now been published as an ebook in time for Easter by Amazon Kindle eBooks. 

I decided that since holiday times can be quite stressful for children and their families and especially for those who have lost close family members or friends, for those suffering with extended illnesses, and/or quite lonely for those away from their homes that I would base my book in recognition of these stressful times. 

A Rare Purple Bear  is a read aloud fiction book for four to eight-year olds although it can be read and enjoyed by all ages. It is the tale of Clancy, a curious, cream-colored black bear cub. By accident, the young bear is swept to his death and over a waterfall on his first adventure out of the family’s winter den in the spring of the year. He tumbles into the colorful Land of Enchantment, a parallel world of celebratory holidays and magic, just in time for Easter. Throughout the new revision, familiar holiday personalities befriend him and thoughtfully encourage his curiosity and offer support as Clancy weaves through his personal grieving process. The cub joins in the camaraderie, festivities, and the hope-filled magic of seasonal celebrations from Easter, into the summer and fall months, and up until Christmas Eve guided by the Easter Bunny (EB) and Ellie, a young deer. A Rare Purple Bear resolves in a joyful ending that will endear everyone.

A Rare Purple Bear is available from for $3.99. Reading it on a Kindle or similar device allows for ease of reading under variable light and room conditions while making management easy for family and/or caregivers. Please pass the word along to anyone you know interested in bringing adventures rich in color, imagery, understanding, and comfort to young children and their families.

Thank you.