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A Winter’s Spider

A Winter’s Spider

A a few days ago,

a black, jumping spider

hanging quietly

from its drag line

over my desk

in front of me

in the middle

of a sunny day,

alerted me to note

naturally occurring signs,

only because jumping

spiders aren’t likely

to simply hang

by a dragline;

The red dawn

of this past night’s moon,

alerted me

and the landscape

to the likelihood of

a probable

major storm event

on the horizon

approaching within

a day or two.

The night winds

created lots of

titters and tappets,

whirrings and clangs,

whooshes and whines

as moving branches

played hide and seek

with the neighbor’s

motion lights

keeping me

from deep sleep

and in that trance state

of almost remembering,

but forgotten

until the appearance

of a real event today

hitched it back to

that elusive memory.

I witnessed the

gray northern skies

unbroken save for

a white gull,

wings steady,

soaring through

the arches

of a double rainbow

gracing this morning’s

pre-walk dawn.

All of which culminated in

the night’s pouring rains,

splattering and splashing

onto the branches of

the shrub out front,

festooned with

small intimate lights


darkness and light,

akin to the universal impulse

that begat the

Grand Wheel’s seasonal

turnings now in

celebration of Winter.

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