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Poetical Gifts for the Fall Season

Frosted Fall Roses

Frosted Fall Roses



a gateway into winter,

poised to swing open

as temperatures,

wind and daylight

declare its time for

the brilliant hues

and cornucopias

of fall’s bounty

to cease;

and the unruliness

of the seasons

capricious winds

to weave a way

deep into the raw,

bone-chilling days

of winter’s wrath.


Cloud Dragon

Cloud Dragon

“Cloud Dragons”

I’m watching cloud dragons

descend off the mountains today,

ferociously roaring as they pass by.

I’m witnessing gun-powder gray trailers

shredding in disrepair

as stronger dragons take to the air.

Their presence measured in leaves

tumbling and cartwheeling across the yard,

grasses yielding to breaths blown hard.

Flocks of smaller birds careen and break apart,

others hide in the boughs of the evergreen

safely riding it out in a natural windscreen.

But now the dragon riders have taken to the air,

gulls and crows, masters of flight, soaring with the wind,

as if caressing and playing with an ancestral kin.


Silken Threads

Silken Threads

“The Great Tapestry”

Let’s look at threads,
you and I,
fibers plucked from
experience and grace,
each weaver creating
a personal strand,
and spun together
forming a unique yarn
to dress our life’s loom.

Let’s now take those threads,
you and I,
those strands
of twisted fibers
forming our yarn
and instead of making
a personal tapestry
filled with our life’s events,
let’s collectively spin spools
of co-creative energy
and dress a loom together.

Let’s spin those fibers,
you and I,
into distinctive yarns
some as light as mohair.
some as sheer as spider silk,
others as sturdy as flax,
some dull, others bright,
some rough, others slick,
some thin, others thick
in all colors of humanity,
with all colors of soul,
to dress a greater loom.

Let’s together,
you and I,
weave a tapestry
adorned with
healthy trees and forests,
nurturing cities and towns,
clean lakes and rivers;
bound by oceans
rich in diversity and motion;
with air to breathe filled with
brilliant sunrises and sunsets,
mists, rains and rainbows;
in cooperation with the rhythms
of sun and moon,
and glittering with brilliant stars.

Let’s stand back,
you and I,
to admire
the assistance of the unseen,
the invisible dynamics that
helped us weave this
rich tapestry of life and livelihood,
that has us bound naturally
to one another,
which allows our hearts
to beat and fall in love,
to nurture and create family,
sustain our lives with
abundance and health,
grace and peace,
and let’s give thanks.


Campfire Incense

Campfire Incense in the Making

“Campfire Incense”

Alluring tendrils of smokey haze

dance their way

past the fire circle and

curtsey to the

newly-arrived brugmansias.

From their balcony seats

on the fence line,

the angelic trumpets

lift their skirts

and step forth

to join in with an expression

of divine fragrance.

Under the silvery glow of

a waxing crescent moon,

the wood smoke and

trumpet flowers swirl

until the luster of the last ember

is exhausted and extinguished.

And for those privileged to be

in circle with the celebrants,

their memories and hair will

carry this embrace of lovers,

as a campfire incense,

sweetly exotic and smokey.


Graceful Sky Feather

Graceful Sky Feather

“A Simple Ceremony”

our singing bowl sang

a song for you today;

the simple grail

filled to overflowing

with eagles’ calls–


carried aloft

by soaring wings,

rising on

warming thermals;

the hawks’

raspy cries

danced and spun

even higher,

their songs


from sight and

re-emerging in

a silent,

downward spiral

of speed and grace;

the raven’s

swift wingbeat

kept time

to the slap

of salmon’s tail

forming a

redd to cradle

future lives

in the river’s bed;

and throughout,

the graceful gesturing

of a flight

of seaward gulls

drew forth

the bowl’s song,


it’s rhythm and flow.


Thank  you for taking the time to read my poetical gifts.