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The Practice of Wordsmithing


“Such power and grace held by the forming of lines, dots and curves we call words.”

Crafting the appropriate words to place in an obituary comment section or to say to the family of the deceased are among the more challenging opportunities for wordsmithing especially if the deceased is a relative. Each word must be selected with care to convey compassion to the family and oneself for our shared loss; yet with some transitions, the actual death may be a blessing although perhaps not perceived as such by those closest to the departed. 

Sunset in memory of Uncle Bruce

Sunset in memory of Uncle Bruce

This past week I had the opportunity to pass along my condolences to my brother and to my late uncle’s family at the loss of our elder, the last of my mother’s siblings. At the advanced age of 89, Uncle Bruce suffered from a neurological condition and for years had suffered from severe arthritis. His passing was a blessing and he went by way of the “elder’s friend”: pneumonia. It came as an emotional jolt to some in his tight-knit family even though we had been prepared for a time that this was almost inevitable.

The crafting of the words in such situations got me to thinking how powerful written and verbal expressions can be. Each word has its own energetic action; each must be expressed in some manner in a context that bears its own impulse. The words are then perceived and deciphered within our energetically streaming bodies, and expressed through contemplation or action. 

My poem on “The Practice of Wordsmithing” tries to capture some of this awareness. It is written as a Pdf  to keep the poem format and may be read by electronic readers.

Thank you and may the power and grace of words be with you!

The Practice of Wordsmithing*


3 thoughts on “The Practice of Wordsmithing

  1. This was thought provoking and the poem was fun. It reminded me a little of D. Abram’s book The Spell of the Sensuous where he talks of how words have replaced the actual physical items for us. Words do indeed have great power!

  2. Thank you! The muses like to tease me into stretching my ideas in new ways. I rarely know where I’m going when I start out…the magic and the mystery of it all 🙂

  3. As always such graceful and thought provoking words.

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