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Natural Stones: a Mindful Writing Challenge

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Around the first of this year, a long-time friend and I committed to entering The Small Stones Mindful Writing Challenge from Writing Your Way Home: What is unique about this challenge is that it is based more on paying attention to the process, not necessarily the finished product. This has been amazingly liberating for me and has added a living dimension to my efforts, allowing me to truly enjoy the whole process, even the multiple revisions; because each revision was not lost on the editing floor, but instrumental to the piece of work itself. I couldn’t believe the subtle shift that made for me after all these years of writing; although I have recognized this fact in my own personal life. This truly, exquisite “Duh!” moment has made my life even richer.

And another reason it has been a unique experience is that my friend and I have shared at a deeper level those parts of our personal lives that have helped shape our body of work, our personalities, our views of the world, our friendship.

Here are a few examples of my writing and what we’ve taken to calling, “Natural Stones”:

Maxfield Parrish Clouds

Maxfield Parrish Clouds

“A Spring Evening with Maxfield Parrish”

At sunset, the blustery winds chase

Maxfield Parrish clouds towards me ,

Gleefully challenging me

To describe their ever-changing hues.

I decline this game in order to watch

The colors intensify as the sun sinks low.

The crows, ravens and gulls glide  by to roost,

Amidst the pinks, purples, mauves and cream.

What is there about the clouds and those hues

That beckons me to stretch out and embrace the evening,

Holding it close, like it was a good friend

I don’t want to let go of?


The Awesomeness of Rose

The Awesomeness of Rose

“The Awesomeness of Rose”

How many times do we see roses and think, “My, aren’t they pretty!”

But the roses are thinking, “My, aren’t we awesome!”

There are people who understand and share the awesomeness of rose,

Using its magically creative gifts, perfumed and curative oils,

Medicinal qualities, food and spiritual energies

Turning them into beverages, medicines, perfumed items for spirit and body,

Flavored foods and artistic renderings in bouquets and tattoos,

Songs, poems, photos, prose and song.

While still thinking, “My, aren’t they pretty!”



“Rambunctious Spirit!”

Oh my, Spring…

You are rambunctious this morning!

First you hide the sun’s beauty

With bands of silver-grey,

Allowing only lazar-like rays

Focused on the sparkly-white Olympics

To escape .

The steaming grey clouds so born


Slithering at your beckon

Towards us

Pelting us with sleet,

Heavy rains

Chilling the air.

And then,

Like a willful child

You go scampering off

Trailing behind hints

Blue and golden,

Leaving foot hills white,

And heads shaking!



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