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Raven’s Journey ~ Chapter 21: The Magic of Spirit Flight

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Raven by Canadian artist Sue Coleman

Raven by Canadian artist Sue Coleman

What happened? croaked Raven in a mixture of Birdspeak and Mystery.

Otter chuckled. You experienced the magic of spirit flight and now have more mastery over traveling within the between realms of the Forever Worlds–their past, present and future.

For Raven, this was a significant moment and he felt relieved yet a bit anxious. Experiencing the future as a human with his human sister served to  strengthen the admiration he had for Otter’s talents. Before this, he had doubts that he’d ever gain access to the dimensions of spirit flight except as taught by one of the elusive shape-shifters. Indeed, Otter had become an even stronger ally than he possibly could have imagined.

Otter continued: It is time I also answered your questions and share with you information about the Survivors, the Human Essence and the Aware Ones and their roles in the re-emergence of Humanity.

The humans you call Survivors are scattered in groups, some fairly large, some still very much intact as before the destruction, droughts and illnesses. During the time of great sorrow, they banded together and re-established skills long lost and needed for living in community. Although much of the technology suffered, there was enough to provide for their needs and they prospered. Your message to them has been delivered at an appropriate time for many are at that crossroads of having enough but wondering what it would be like to have even more…that point of dissatisfaction, a critical stage in their re-evolution when the steady and cumbersome pace seems slow when compared to earlier times. Their impatience is beginning to surface.

The Human Essence, which you were instrumental in attuning, acts like a network, a web of collaborative consciousness between humans and the realms to insure thoughtful action and creation. As the world’s population increases and humans look to expand their territories, instead of seeking land for domination and resource extraction, your message has prompted a genuine sharing of ideas based on the new communication skills I’ve mentioned before. All this will become more apparent to you, Raven, as you venture forth as an Aware One. 

The Aware Ones live a life in gratitude. We bear sacred witness to the Mother and to the Mystery of what we see happening in Her realms. We witness the change of the seasons, the growth of the plants, the fires of destruction and their evolutionary re-vegetation. We give sacred witness to the fish runs, the flights of birds on migration, the health of her tribes. We acknowledge the Ancestors of the Land and its many Peoples, the ones who have come before and their many evolutions throughout time. The contents of the box from your vision retains their collective first intentions and memories. 

We acknowledge when we walk into the forest that there are other Aware Ones paying attention to us…they know us by our footfall, our rate of breath, our body’s energetics, how we are treating each other. The fungal net at our feet feels how we walk the path, the birds hear our songs, the plants know our hearts. 

And we share with our minds and shape with our hands the resources of the Mother and She sees Beauty through our eyes, through our actions, through our caress. 

She already knows of the signs of struggle, has tasted the blood of war. She’s felt the toxic sickness of pollution, the burns of fire and radiation. When Humans struggle, the Mother struggles…

It is not up to the Aware Ones to judge or condemn, only to witness and release. Opinions are optional and only that, opinions. The Mother and the Mystery respond by bringing everything back towards Balance and this may involve hardships but it is in the name of compassion and awareness for All Beings.The energies in the Medicine Box in the old village aid in regaining and maintaining that balance.

“Ritual or prayer is no longer enough to satisfy the magic needed in the world. Co-creative action between all realms is necessary to create sustaining peace, health and abundance. The Mother and the Mystery need to witness this as happening.”  

Yes, you are an Aware One…the Mother listens to you, the Mystery listens to you. They always have. We all watched you regain Spirit and Magic. We held trust that it would. That’s why you’ve been entrusted with keeping the sacred memories.

Raven was quite relieved to hear he was back among favor. It had been a very lonely time during the Separation. He asked Otter: How will I be able to identify the Aware Ones?

First, they will be from all realms…you cannot discount any thing, any plant, any landform, any brook, any animal, any human. They all share the opportunity to serve a greater purpose as Witnesses to Beauty and Cooperation. Of course, it is up to Humans to use their free will in a co-creative way or to feel the Balancing of the natural forces once again…only time will tell. 

It will be apparent when you are near or with an Aware One for communication will come very easily; you will feel comfortable; there will be no reason to be other than who you truly are. In the presence of an Aware Forest, you will feel compelled to stop and spend extra time being at peace, wanting to share your gratitude for its gifts of breath, bird song, mushrooms, and breezes. It is the same when you are around an Aware Landform. You will suddenly feel at home and know your skills and talents are compatible with being or living there. Your health will be good because the water and the air are healthy for you and you will naturally strive to live a life in gratitude. The plants and animals necessary for your re-evolution will be drawn to you and give their energy to maintain your health. The gift of their lives will be honored and not taken for granted. 

And the Mother will be listening to your heart and the hearts of all the Aware Ones for the internal drum beat is another rhythm of Truth and Beauty. And there will always be a shifting as We seek Balance within the Darkness and the Light. And Raven, you may be called upon with the important task of assisting in the adjustment of the Balance by delivering the Initiatory Memory Patterns within the Box. How you access that box and its contents will be the shown to you when the need arises.

But for now Raven, you must be hungry.

Raven was hungry; however, he continued to stand quietly in front of Otter savoring her wisdom and appreciating her guidance. He was happy yet intrigued to learn more about shape-shifting and spirit flight. After Otter’s assistance in his initial journey with his human sister, he knew it was only a matter of time and practice before he could journey unassisted into her timeframe. He looked at Otter and started to form a question but she answered it for him: Yes, Raven, I will answer questions for you then, as well.

Raven clapped his beak together several times making a unique signature sound for displaying his pleasure. And now he was not only curious to find more Aware Ones but to fill his belly. Otter chuckled and quickly descended into the river’s riffles.

Raven took wing and made his way up the river thinking to seek a quiet place to feast and rest. But as he thought that thought, another raven flew up beside him and glanced his direction. It was a young female who had gone several years without finding a mate. Raven had briefly joined her earlier in the spring when many of the young, unpaired birds were engaging in skill practice and play. Raven had not given serious thought to finding a mate, until now. Maybe, he thought, it was time to share my magic with family…

Below him the river songs blended together with the trampling and territorial huffs of the bears, the screeching and sqawkings of the eagles, gulls and ravens in the ultimate celebratory feast of birth, death and rebirth as the Salmon People gave Potlatch to the Forest.

The End of Book One: Raven’s Journey


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