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Changing Moon ~ A Woman’s Journey: Weaving a New Tapestry


Intuitive Sparkle Art

Intuitive Sparkle Art

After my last posting, I took to heart what I suggested for finding the threads of commonality in my life. When I sat back and really examined my past and what I wanted to focus on for the remainder of it, I began re-purposing some of the old threads and added others to form a new tapestry revealing a new  form and purpose. I began organizing my days so that I could devote more time to writing. Thus the written word became the warp upon which I placed a weft dedicated to an artistic expression of my life experiences, my philosophy and began reworking some old writings based upon this new vision.

I found that when I picked up and fingered some old threads, they were too frayed to use again. I could safely put those parts of my life to rest. Then I found a new stash of yarns in the form of new ideas, technologies, and a supportive network which gave me new inspiration and confidence. My tapestry became more freeform and artistic; synchronicities showed up more often; and embellishments became fun to incorporate into the weaving. I invited new friends to view my work and their comments and suggestions stayed to become weft yarns of special hue.

Then one day, someone noticed a few of my threads on an environmental FaceBook group page and I was asked to become a regular contributor and administrator for the page. I reached into my basket of yarns and found a few spools left over from my former tapestry and pulled out the threads of research and co-creation to incorporate into my new piece.

Someone suggested I become even more bold with my strokes and seek a publisher for my children’s books. I pulled out some shiny bells and whistles from the yarn basket and wove in learning to format for publication and make cover letters. Then I sent off a sampler to a publisher.

A few health concerns brought about by genetic factors and aging snarled the process for a few weeks while I sorted out the kinks and made the necessary adjustments to the loom’s support. No longer able to sit on a chair for extended periods, I found creatively healthy ways to continue writing by sitting on the floor and by using a stand-up desk. Taking periodic breaks, easing my stress load along with exercises and herbal support put me actually, in many ways, in healthier shape than when I started the new tapestry.

Now I have more compassion for myself and my journey. I do find I need to focus my efforts and power of my words so more is being said in less strokes which I find liberating. I rise each day with purpose and look forward to the situations and conditions which color the threads of my new work and help to shape its over-all pattern.

I still take time to wildcraft and process herbs, take walks and hike, visit friends and share in their lives, garden, take photographs, etc.; but I find my mind, while thus engaged, to be more relaxed yet gleaning snippets of experience that I can use in a story, reforming lines to make them flow, listening to sounds and viewing sights while finding vocabulary to shape a reader’s imagination.

What patterns are beginning to show up in your tapestries?

Until next time, happy weavings!


2 thoughts on “Changing Moon ~ A Woman’s Journey: Weaving a New Tapestry

  1. PS to the above comment: Youth is wasted on the young 🙂

  2. Aging brings the reward of accumulated knowledge, experience and, I think, a greater capacity to pull it all together and be more creative than we have ever been. You are certainly proving that!

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