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Raven’s Journey ~ Chapter 9: Delivering the Drop of Water


The second part of his task, though, had him flummoxed: how to deliver the water drop to the ocean? He looked down through the strands of the web, noting the position of the river  and momentarily gave in to the old thought process of tossing the drop off the web as the quickest and easiest way to send Humanity on its way. But Raven quickly cast that thought aside for the web lay too distant from the flowing waters and besides, Hummingbird’s instructions were to take it to the ocean. The only logical way, he surmised, was to ferry it in his mouth.

He looked at the diminutive figure of Hummingbird sitting on the web, her head cocked towards Raven, studying him. She shifted her body and in a blur of wing beat, lifted off the web and disappeared. Raven followed. He now sensed she expected him to hold the drop in his mouth and deliver it into the Blood of the Mother, the sea water. This flight was in preparation for that happening.

Raven watched Hummingbird fly the shortest and least complicated route along river and stream beds, through the forest and out over the ocean. The mists had retreated far out over the water although Hummingbird flew only to the deep channel a short ways off shore where the water took on an almost blue-black color. She stopped, hovered and dove towards the water, turned and skimmed its surface as if looking for something below the surface. At one point she hovered again and appeared to be spitting up something…a drop of liquid fell into the water. She looked at Raven, nodded, then flew back towards the beach. He continued practicing the routine, diving, skimming the water, fanning his wings in a hover and spitting out a drop of moisture.

Raven’s confidence grew and soon he retreated inland to the spider’s web, landed next to Hummingbird and the water drop. Raven peered more closely at its flashing, energetic contents.Thinking of the spirit animals and the message each carried including his own, he looked calmly into the drop, his gaze mirroring back at him. He saw himself magnified many times. For a moment, all was quiet except for the light breeze blowing through the silken strands of webbing. Then Raven heard his own heartbeat and realized the water drop was echoing back his heartbeat like the drop was mirroring back his image. He clucked a chuckle, much like Otter’s. Yes, he told himself. I will make the message so simple, even I will follow it.

(To be continued in Chapter 10: The Creatrix)


2 thoughts on “Raven’s Journey ~ Chapter 9: Delivering the Drop of Water

  1. Thank you again Patricia

  2. Ooh, “so simple, even I will follow it.” Great chapter cliffhanger and moment of contemplation … —H

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