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Raven’s Journey ~ Chapter 10: The Creatrix

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Calming himself and entering into stillness, he sent a raven’s chant of sounds: deep, resonant, abandoned echoing through the forest community. Even a squirrel who had been persistently chattering throughout the morning’s activities, ceased its squirrelly racket. Then in quiet contemplation, Raven thoughtfully broadcast his simple message to the essence within the drop stressing living a life of gratitude in the moment and respecting the creative potential of the whole.

He waited briefly upon finishing his soliloquy, then cautiously opened his beak and caressed the drop with his narrow black tongue; however, Raven again, felt an inner awareness so familiar, so comfortable as to put a stop to his actions. His heartbeat increased but the heartbeat within the drop remained steady, if only slightly altered. Raven looked around; he still felt something tugging at his conscience. He peered closely into the drop still ablaze with spiraling jewels, flickering threads of light. Raven, alert, cocked his head: Unsure of…of what? 

The strange sense of familiarity became almost overwhelming until he imaged a sibling, a sister nest-mate, lost in a tragic event eons ago. Her death in the strong talons of a great horned owl at daybreak as she stood on the rim of their nest, eager to take her first flight, devastated him; for she was a creatrix more gifted than himself. But why think of her now? Decades could pass and he gave no thought to her but when he did, his heart ached with a profound sadness at the lost opportunity to know her better.

When still sharing the nest with her, he’d experienced his first spiritual and magical insights. She could look into his mind and bear witness to the great spiraling patterns of life to which they would have access when they eventually ventured forth. After her tragic death, Raven began his training with Otter; yet, he often wondered:

What would have happened if his sister had lived? He also wondered: Why, when she was so talented, she had not seen her death coming? Had Spirit brought her back to live within the realm of Humanity? Is she one of the flashing lights pulsing within the drop? he questioned.

Hummingbird shrilled a loud “zeee” which brought him get back to task. Raven again caressed the drop with this tongue and sucked the precious orb into his mouth. It was very dense and heavy and he struggled not to swallow it. Fortunately as he began flapping his wings in preparation for flight, the elasticity of the web’s lines gave him extra bounce and helped Raven spring off the webbing with his valued cargo. Slowly he made his way along the route taken earlier by Hummingbird.

His cargo was much heavier than he anticipated and the raven soon grew enormously tired. His flight dropped lower and lower until skimming the cedars, he knocked one of the branch tips particularly hard, lurched and came very close to coughing out the drop of water. Fortunately, beach and salt water lay directly ahead.

The drop, though, seemed to be getting still heavier and the raven of old almost succumbed to the thought of spitting out some of it. He surmised that since it was so close to the ocean, surely the tide would retrieve the spit. However, Hummingbird appeared next to him and began sending messages of encouragement and support to finish his task so he and his sister’s magic would be given a chance to have an impact with the co-evolving world. Raven’s love for his sister possessed him when he realized he was ferrying an essence endowed with her essence. Raven flew on, now buoyed with that hopeful knowledge.

With his beak tightly clenched around the heavy drop, Raven banked steeply and dove towards the waters of the deep channel. However, the downward flight felt awkward, the drop becoming heavier as if a force was pulling him into the ocean. Bordering on the edge of panic, he clawed the air just as the waves split apart and a gigantic whale breached upward. He felt a sharp stab in his throat and jaw, forcing him to spit out the drop.  The magical raven watched as the drop fell into the churning waters.

Raven quickly regained control of his flight and with his companion hovering close by, observed the massive white and black body of a humpback whale submerge and smack the glistening drop with its broad tail flukes. The water droplet broke into pieces of flashing, twisting light which dispersed and disappeared.

Raven wondered: How will humanity’s essence spark a re-evolution? How long will it take? More questions than answers plagued his thinking but first, fully fatigued, he limply flew back to the beach. His feathered companion circled, humming thanks for his help. Raven watched her dart off towards a clump of wildflowers and busily buzz to and fro, sticking her head in and out, sipping sweet nectars, replenishing her energy.

He looked about the beach and found some snails and a dead fish. The fish’s flesh offered his beak little resistance and Raven, famished, ate the whole in no time. Content that he had fulfilled his work and full of belly, he lifted his black body off the beach, gave a throaty, “Kraawk!” and flew back up the river to find Otter.

Raven had done some thinking. He realized on his flight with the essence, that Otter’s frog-eating message had meant he must clean up his act and the eagle’s threat meant that he’d almost lost his chance to be a creative force again. Now he hoped Otter could fill in some answers to a host of other questions he had in that regard. What of my sister?

(To be continued in Chapter 11: Answers)


One thought on “Raven’s Journey ~ Chapter 10: The Creatrix

  1. “…his heart ached with a profound sadness at the lost opportunity to know her better…” isn’t this the way of it, Patricia. Upon reading this passage, I felt the deep and profound sadness in this. This is the way of it…
    Thank you, for the touch upon my heart and soul.

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