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Raven’s Journey ~ Chapter 8: Second Earth

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Over time, Raven witnessed Second Earth take shape; but sadly, his role was no longer one of creator for Humankind with Spirit. However, Raven always hoped a for a time  when humans would once again be invited to share in creating Her story and he would be re-instated to help.

Rich with seaweeds, shells and other sea life

Rich with seaweeds, shells and other sea life

Of late, Raven felt it must be nearing that time for humans to re-establish a presence because the seas of the new earth now swam with fish, dolphins and whales; their shores filled with all manner of shellfish and seaweeds; the rivers teemed with salmon and white fish; the land sported deer and bear and the air flocked with geese and ducks. Many species of mushroom blanketed the forest floor and berries hung thick in their season. Everywhere plants and medicinal herbs grew in profusion as if, Raven noted, anticipating their use by the most creative species to evolve. All seemed ready.

As though reading his mind, Hummingbird told Raven about an important task he must undertake. Because of his skill as a interpreter for the spirit of universal mysteries, his mission was to invite and assist in bringing a more socially and spiritually evolved Humankind into existence with a clearer understanding of its connectedness to all beings, living and nonliving. “It is hard on the Mother when humans struggle…” Hummingbird hesitated and said nothing more. Instead, she instructed Raven to look into the water droplet positioned at the center of the web.

Up to this point, he had only taken cursory glimpses at the glistening blob. He stared closely now, noticing movement inside the drop. Although there was only one large, watery membrane holding it together, many small spinning flashes of pulsating light inside reminded Raven of a cluster of developing frog eggs.

Hummingbird anticipated Raven’s reaction and told him the large drop had formed from a complex of ancient dimensions and ancestral realms aiding in the formation of Humankind’s evolving consciousness. His task was to deliver a reasoned message to the sentient energies within the drop; and then remove it from the web lines and deliver it into the matrix of ocean waters off shore. Once again, Humanity would be offered an opportunity to advance but this time with a better understanding of its co-creative potential and responsibility.

It did not go unnoticed by the corvid that his selfish transgressions had not been mentioned. Raven pondered the implication of this in relation to his goal of gaining their trust. He must show them good effort to regain their total trust.

Raven was glad that Humankind would be given another chance. In particular, he fondly remembered the children, admiring their curiosity, their imagination and magic. He knew now that the message he delivered would be directed at them, for they carried the flame of life forward. If Earth’s children could grow up learning to use and honor the resources wisely, Raven was hopeful more realms could thrive in balance. However Raven couldn’t help but wonder: If it was inevitable for humans to follow the same greedy path as before the collapse or truly would their soul’s memory of the experience make them more compassionate, more conscious of their impact? And how would he be influenced by them?

(To be continued in Chapter 9: Delivering the Drop of Water)


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