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Raven’s Journey ~ Chapter Seven: Moon



Moon as the Daughter of Earth

During the recent storm, the gray mists and rains had also obscured the moon’s familiar nightly glow. Raven felt unsettled by its absence much like he did during the melancholic daytime when only the somber tones of fog and mist fed his psyche.

Raven admired Earth’s passions and her kindred spirits. It was through her that he learned to love the moon. Moon fed his wild side but he realized he’d misinterpreted her love, making it personal. He realized too late it was the earth to whom the moon gave favor and allegiance. Earth was Moon’s mother. She had been blasted out of the earth’s molten body by asteroidal impact and Moon guarded her parent’s health fiercely. Together the heavenly bodies danced of give and take, choreographed to caress and withdraw, exchanging energies to sustain all life. Humankind had upset that balance. Now even Raven’s internal tides seemed disturbed.

For millions of years, Moon faced First Earth and watched the land grow into a veritable kingdom of riches in preparation for human stewardship. Through the early stages of evolution, humans honored what had been given by being grateful. Co-creatively, all the realms worked together. However with the coming of even simple technology, Moon witnessed the escalating destruction and squandering of her mother’s resources by the humans plus wanton abuse of its own kind. As the technology became more sophisticated, there was even more exploitation and assault.

Raven thought about how he, as a powerful leader and creator for Spirit, had eventually been drawn to his dark side when humanity took form on First Earth. Even knowing better, he joined with the humans in treating earth’s resources as solely for his benefit and pleasure instead of maintaining it for all of earth’s creatures.

Raven watched Moon grow despondent, then angry, matching her energy with universal pulses and causing major earthquakes, storms, huge tidal waves, and tsunamis that inundated the lands, washing away a host of species. Many cycles passed before Moon relented and withdrew her waters allowing the lands to dry but leaving peoples to suffer and perish from the diseases and famines in the wake of the inundations. It was a time of climactic chaos and great sorrow. (To be continued…)


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  1. Thanks, waiting patiently for next

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