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Raven’s Journey ~ Chapter Six: Hummingbird

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The hummingbird continued to dart around Raven’s head until he actually looked at the fluttering flurry of wing beat known to the spirit world as the harbinger of joyful living. Her body, encased in iridescent feathers, reflected the dappled sunlight like a many-faceted red and green jewel. Because Hummingbird lived on the nectar of the plant realm and knew how to use herbs for medicine, she had instructed the humans of First Earth how to heal with plants and flowers.

The hummingbird circling Raven now held his attention. She flew up a few feet, then zoomed towards the large drop of water centered on the web, carefully buzzed it a few times and then sat down on one of the lines strung between the silken spokes.

Raven thought to himself: How foolish! The sticky lines will snare her and she’ll be easy prey for the spider. But just as quickly as he thought these thoughts, Hummingbird fluttered her wings, rose from the webbing and chose another spot to land. She repeated this action on many strands of the web. He realized she was doing this to show him this was not like a spider’s web with each sticky line designed to hold hapless insects.

Raven cocked his head and watched as Hummingbird then hovered over the sparkling droplet, peering into it from all angles. After finishing the examination, she landed softly on the web, stretched her neck and smoothed her feathers as if she had chosen to sit on a twig. Raven lifted his wings and slipped off his perch and glided swiftly down to join Hummingbird.

His body barely rested on the unfamiliar, elastic surface of Spider’s lines when Hummingbird filled his senses with her thoughts. She spoke no words, for it took the form of an all-knowing awareness. Raven knew immediately he had been excluded from what had been happening now because of his careless actions in the past.

Hummingbird told Raven what she was going to reveal had to do with humans re-emerging as a central life form on planet Earth. She disclosed that humans formed an integral link in the planetary chain of life. No other creature had evolved capable of serving as Divine Spirit’s link between plants and animals. Humanity’s unique ability to produce tools from raw materials also set them apart from the majority of life on the planet; but for all their talents, they failed to realize, co-creatively, the power they truly held. (To be continued.)


One thought on “Raven’s Journey ~ Chapter Six: Hummingbird

  1. What a wonderful hope. Thank you

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