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Tree Prayers in the Sol Duc River Rain Forest

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Part of living a life of voluntary simplicity has been giving thanks to Gaia for the bountiful resources she provides. Appreciating the gifts of clean water, clean air and trees has been a priority for decades.

Sacred Communication

Sacred Communication

On Good Friday, my husband and I made a pilgrimage to Sol Duc Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State to greet the spring season. Carrying a pouch with blue corn kernels and flour from our own plants, a crystal for immersion in the stream and white sage for smudging, I entered a favorite grove along a trail still covered with snow and ice. I was greeted by an elder tree energy that made me totally forget I was on precarious footing as it drew me to make contact with a large Douglas Fir at the side of the trail. I feel this particular energy with only perhaps one in several hundred trees I stroke or hug each year. It draws me like an arrow to a target, a magnet to a metal contact. The effect is dynamic…we touch, my mind goes blank, we download unto each other with no words, emotions or visions expressed…pure energy. I cry, I grieve, I laugh, I love all in the matter of a few seconds and then the energy dissipates and I come away feeling clean, fully refreshed with renewed vision. It’s not like a dream where I remember bits and pieces but I always come away have a better sense of myself and my part in Gaia’s evolution. I can never predict when this will happen or the size of the tree involved. I’ve been tapped by saplings as well as redwoods, alders on stream banks as well as ohia trees in the tropics. Although it’s also happened with herbs and flowers, for me it occurs more often with trees.

The Sol Duc River above the falls now filled with flow from the melting snows

The Sol Duc River above the falls now filled with flow from the melting snows

I completed my blessings at the stream bank by immersing the crystal, dipping my hands in the water and giving thanks to the environmental entities present and creating a flour paste to place on my brow chakra. Friday’s smudging was most powerful and I stood in the swirling smoke as if in an altered state until the stream’s murmurings drew me back, tears streaming down my face. A blessed day indeed.


One thought on “Tree Prayers in the Sol Duc River Rain Forest

  1. Oh Patricia, how beautiful. I wish I could express in words to you what this writing meant to me. I hope some day I get to meet you. Thank you so very much.

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