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Changing Moon ~ A Woman’s Journey, Part III: A Menopausal Journey Profile


Labyrinth to the Divine Feminine

Labyrinth into the Divine Feminine

We’ve now come to a moment to discuss the pause…menopause, quite frankly. Time to take that moment and assess our health and how we got here. I’ve included a PDF for you to download and examine. It’s lengthy and certainly will take you longer than a moment to read and digest. May I suggest you set some time for yourself to go through it at a leisurely pace. I know, if you’re already on the menopausal journey, the words leisurely pace may only seem a dream or ludicrous at best, depending where you are in the transition. Above everything else, don’t be discouraged by the questions/symptoms addressed in this profile. They are intended to give you an idea of some of the changes/symptoms you might address. You will not sense all of them as each of us has a unique journey.

This profile is designed to be a point of departure for our furthering journeys into the Divine Feminine and going through the miraculous transformations of aging. We’ll continue our journey deeper  in future posts of Changing Moon and creatively personalize our aging journey.

Click here for PDF:  Your Changing Moon ~ A Menopausal Journey Profile



2 thoughts on “Changing Moon ~ A Woman’s Journey, Part III: A Menopausal Journey Profile

  1. Thank you Patricia….indeed it is a wonderful gift for women of all ages and cycles. The Changing Moon (I personally don’t like the word “menopause”) is such a powerful and important time for women and we need positive, healthy role models so we can support one another and reclaim our Moon. At the height of my Moon Change, there was a lot of business and activity going on around me, and all I wanted was a cave so I could crawl away and be in the dark. I fantasized about turning a closet into a fur lined cave. I’m still on the voyage and it is so good to have this beaken to guide my way. Love and Blessings to you!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful gift. I am in the midst and your description of your own emotions mirror mine. I am completing the profile tomorrow but have already taken several positive steps in exercise and diet.

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