Alpine Lady

Honoring the natural world through prose, poetry, music, sounds, photographs and musings.

Poem ~ Upon Meeting Gaia

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Oregon Fawn Lily (Erythronium oregonum) Dungeness River, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State

A night myst rose from the shallow waters and flowed towards me on a path steered by gentle breezes. My breath shared its pulsing rhythms.

The myst enveloped me with a shimmering vagueness and offered an invitation to journey. We rose above city lights glimmering faintly through the cloud layers below.

Another mystical essence intercepted our path, slowing our movement. I saw crystalline glaciers, flowing rivers; heard singing birds and the showering of raindrops.

She opened eyes revealing gentleness of soul and depth of spirit. Her breath smelled fragrant with dirt, moss and flowers; her heart beat rhythms of peace, forgiveness and joy.

The mysts dispersed, slipping beyond form, function and time. We were left to explore and acknowledge: we are one dream seeking divine union with light.


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